Windsor Jesters Present

The Wedding Binder

by Jacques Lamarre

and Directed by Rayah Martin



The Windsor Jesters invite you to join them in celebrating the very exciting first fully staged production of local playwright and all around bon vivant, Jacques Lamarre's, "The Wedding Binder".

Show dates are May 4, 5, 10, 11 and 12 and all performances begin at 7:30 sharp. Performances are held in the spacious theater at the LP Wilson Community Center located at 599 Matianuck Avenue Windsor. 


 It’s finally happened!!  Cherie is getting married!!!  Like all red blooded girls Cherie has been waiting for this all of her life.  Good thing she has been keeping all her hopes, dreams, wishes and desires in her trusty old Wedding Binder.  If her Mom and her sister and her best friend will just stop trying to intrude on her dreams with reality, everything will be fine.


 "The Wedding Binder" tells the story of Cherie, the Bride to Be who has big plans for her wedding; Michelle, Cherie's best friend and roommate who has a Ph.D. in sarcasm; Kitty, Cherie's twin sister but definitely not her best friend; and Cherie and Kitty's Mom, who has her own plans for the wedding especially if she is paying for it!  And let’s not forget the Wedding Binder too!


The Jesters feel very honored to be able to showcase this premiere production by local playwright, Jacques Lamarre.  He has written a number of shows for drag legend Varla Jean Merman.   His piece, "Merry Christmas Blockhead" has appeared in Christmas On The Rocks at Theaterworks since 2013.  "I Loved, I Lost I Made Spaghetti" based on the Memoir by Giulia Melucci, premiered at Theaterworks in 2012  And his lateset biograpghical play about food and the people who make it, "The Raging Skillet" premiered at Theaterworks in the Summer of 2017.


Despite his success in professional theater, Mr. Lamarre continues to keep ties with Community Theater in the Hartford area.  The Jesters are grateful for this opportunity to premiere one of his works.  We are also very lucky to have the very talented director, Rayah Martin mark her first time directing a show for the Windsor Jesters.




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