Windsor Jesters Present

Vintage Hitchcock

A Live Radio Play

by Joe Landry

and Directed by Chris Bushey



The Windsor Jesters proudly present Vintage Hitchcock / A Live Radio Play by Joe Landry. Directed by Chris Bushey. Show dates and times are October 12, 13 and 14 at 7:00 PM in the theater at the LP Wilson Community Center, 599 Matianuck Avenue, Windsor.

Vintage Hitchcock / A Live Radio Play is the brain child of  Joe Landry, who also wrote It's A Wonderful Life, A Radio Play.  The entire show is performed as a 1940's live radio broadcast complete with live Jingles, an Announcer and two Foley Artists creating the sound effects.  A cast of over 35 characters are played by five men and four women. 


The play is derived from three early Hitchcock films.  The first, The Lodger,  is a tale from turn of the century London, where a poor couple finds a Lodger to rent their spare room so their daughter can return home.  Too  late the mother suspects the Lodger may be the serial killer known as the Avenger.  Can she save her daughter in time?  There is only one way to find out.


The second story of the trio is Sabotage.  This is a nice warm tale of International Intrigue.  We meet Anton Verloc, his wife Winnie and her brother Stevie.  Anton owns a cinema but performs sabotage as a foreign agent on the side.  As a result of his actions a lot of people die, inclding two out of three of the family members.


The final tale is called The 39 Steps.   This is the story of an intrepid Canadian named Richard Hannay, who gets himself mixed up in murder, mayhem and international plots.  The only way for him to clear his name and avoid jail, is to go on the run across the English and Scottish countryside trying to solve the mystery, and who knows he might find love along the way.


Each story is more exciting than the last!  Don't miss out on your chance to see, Vintage Hitchcock / A Live Radio Play!!!


This play is performed as a live radio show with Foley artists performing dozens of live sound effects.  These sound effects also include loud noises such a gunshots and explosions.





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