The Cast 

The cast of five men and four women play over 35 different characters, so each of the actors will play multiple roles.






Billy Moro as Richard Hannay and Others.


Timm Wims as Mr. Sleuth and Others.


Andrew Sharp as Carl Anton Verloc and Others.


Gus Marinak as Ted Spencer and Others.


George Dagon as Robert Bunting and many Others!


Angela Dias as Ellen Bunting and Others.


Heidi Michaud as Daisy Bunting and Others.


Karen Sidel as Annabella Smith and Others.


Marisa Clement as Winnie Verloc and Others.


Chris Bushey as the Announcer





Jan Albetski and Kathleen O'Neil will be lending their significant talents to the art of Foley Sound Production.  They will be creating many of the sond effects in the show.







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