A Lie Of The Mind - June 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10
A Lie Of The Mind - June 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10

The Cast 

Enrico DiGiacomo as Jake


Beth's abusive husband.  Jake has a breakdown after beating his wife so badly he thinks she is dead, again.  He stays with his Mom while recovering, but finds he can't stop thinking about Beth.


Marisa Clement as Beth


Beth has been beaten so badly by Jake that she has brain damage.  Her brother cares for her in the Hospital and then she goes back home to her parents in Montana.


Billy Moro as Frankie


Frankie is Jake's little brother.  He helps Jake after his breakdown and then goes to Montana to find out the truth about Beth.  He gets caught up in the turmoil of these two families.


Timm Wims as Mike


Mike cares for Beth after her beating and helps her in the Hospital.  Mike sees himself as her protector but his intentions get twisted as Beth continues to obsess about Jake.  Mike begins to focus more on revenge than protection.


Virginia Wolf as Lorraine


Lorraine is Mother to Jake, Sally and Frankie or at least she appears to have given birth to all three of them.  Whether she has ever done any real mothering is another question.  Once Jake leaves her again, she decides to leave her past behind.  Lorraine gives new meaning to the phrase "burning your bridges".


Christina Gianelli as Sally


Sally is Jake and Frankie's sister.  As a Mom Lorraine appears to be much more interested in her son Jake than the other two, and she shows downright hostility towards Sally when she tries to move back home.  When Sally's drunken Dad was still around it sounds like he may have paid her too much attention.  In the end Sally decides to go for a fresh start. 



Jan Albetski as Meg


Meg is Beth and Mike's Mom and is married to Baylor.  Meg is soft spoken and caring.  And maybe a little slow.  Meg puts up with a lot trouble from her husband and son, but shows she can stand up for herself as well. 


Chris Bushey as Baylor


Baylor is a loud, rude and obnoxious rancher from Montana.  He's married to Meg and is Father to Mike and Beth.  He is emotionally unavailable to all of them and always has been.  His concerns are hunting, breeding mules and avoiding his family.  He gets annoyed when other problems get in his way.






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